Video interview with John Nash of Beautiful Mind fame (with commentary) – Beyond Meds

This post is a bit off topic for this blog perhaps…its more informational about the history of a prominent individual labeled as “schizophrenic”, John Nash, whose story was portrayed in the movie A Beautiful Mind albeit not an accurate portrayal.

This video is John Nash himself discussing that the story told in the movie was inaccurate and basically a flat out lie as the producers were influenced to portray a politically correct version of so called “mental illness” that presented the view that one must take these drugs “for life”.

The truth?

John Nash used these drugs only for a brief period during a crisis and then lived the majority of his life without psychotropic drugs.

Watch this video here: Video interview with John Nash of Beautiful Mind fame (with commentary) – Beyond Meds.

via Video interview with John Nash of Beautiful Mind fame (with commentary) – Beyond Meds.


As always – if you are taking psychotropic drugs NEVER EVER just “go off them”. To do so can be life threatening. For more information and resources on how to safely reduce or withdraw from Psychotropic drugs please visit the resources page here and view the powerpoint presentation here. 

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The Adverse Childhood Experiences Study – Beyond Meds

A quick share today….

Trauma is known to be at the center of the issues called “mental illness”.

If not physical trauma then often the family dynamics become an issue when children are taught they have no power over themselves or their lives. Often times well intentioned parents believe that by “making” their child obey they are teaching them something but the reality is – we are teaching our children that they are not capable of thinking for themselves.

There are many issues layered in and around the issues called “mental illness”. Be it too strict or too permissive – when the outcome is an adult who does not know how to manage their internal world they often don’t know how to manage their external world either. This becomes a catch 22 as we try to “figure out” how to “do it right” or be “good enough” in order to receive recognition or approval from our families.

Being proactive begins with being informed…

Here is some information on how early life experiences can leave us less than prepared to feel confident or competent to deal with life’s adversities.

Read here:  The Adverse Childhood Experiences Study – Beyond Meds.

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Again – here is the link to the article on adverse childhood experiences:  The Adverse Childhood Experiences Study – Beyond Meds.