About Us

NOTE: if you have been looking for proactiveplanning.org you are in the right place.

Welcome to the Proactive Planning Resource Site.

We are “UNDER CONSTRUCTION” and a work in progress so please pardon the mess and make yourself at home!

Our goal and passion is to be a resource to anyone who desires to learn more about how to live life on life’s terms beyond the effects of psychotropic drugs.

There is much to making this decision and many things we can do to set ourselves up for success.

This web site is just one of many resources out there and in time we hope to be able to provide various ways to engage and support you as you make this life changing change and become engaged in learning how to see yourself as the creator of your own “best life” – what ever that looks like to you.

This is where you can peruse the archives and find some information to get you on your way to a safe and effective process as you decide to reduce your reliance on or withdraw completely from the use of psychotropic drugs.

Be sure to browse the tabs up top and go through the archives for articles related to psychotropic drugs, various holistic and natural ways of dealing with life issues such as emotional or cognitive distress and resources to help you make your own “proactive plan” of action.

This site meant to be a resource for those using or seeking mental health services, those who choose to provide mental health services and other interested persons.

The title of this workshop: Considering the Risks of Long Term Use of Psychotropic Medications, A Proactive and Informed Approach to Determing Reduction or Withdrawal and Alternatives to Support Long-term Wellness

A mouthful for sure:)

Yet it says it all.

Making an informed decision requires knowing the facts, the options and creating a purposeful plan to achieve the desired results. 

So welcome; We are glad you are here and hopefully you will find this site a helpful tool over the next days and weeks the material, sources and resources from this conference are posted for you to use to create your own or support anothers choice to create their own Proactive Plan.