A New Resource – Safe Harbor

Today a quick share about a new resource that I recently came across.

Safe Harbor  This organization presents itself as “the world’s largest site on non-drug approaches for mental health.” I do not have personal experience with them but in perusing their site they do look to have an abundance of resources including a directory of providers and support groups and – they do not ascribe to the idea that one is “sick for life” but that through holistic and alternative options one can heal themselves from what has been labeled as “mental illness”.

From their home page:

Welcome to the world’s largest site on non-drug approaches for mental health.

Thousands of people around the world have recovered from mental disorders and now enjoy the simple pleasures of a drug-free life. Most were told this was impossible. Yet we hear from these individuals regularly.

Many others have been able to significantly reduce their dependency on psychiatric medication. Commonly these people find that underlying their “mental” disorders are medical problems, allergies, toxic conditions, nutritional imbalances, poor diets, lack of exercise, or other treatable physical conditions.

Our site has testimonials, over 100 articles, and the Web’s only directory of alternative mental health practitioners. You can also get information from our bookstoresupport groupsemail lists, and our free monthly newsletter.

We hope you find the answers you have been looking for…

My disclaimer: posting this organization here does not imply endorsement. It is always assumed that anyone using any resource on this website does so of their own volition and doing their own “due diligence”. This website (Proactive Planning) and it’s owner does not recommend nor support involvement with CCHR (Citizens Commission for Human Rights/Scientology).