Benzodiazpene Withdrawal – Video by Gwen Olsen (Former Pharma Sales Rep)

Before watching this video please keep in mind that while the withdrawal process is or can be difficult it is NOT impossible to do.

Second – most physicians, psychiatrist or primary, are CLUELESS about safe withdrawal from this (and other) psychotropic drugs. What this means is that most of us have had to figure this out for ourselves.

If you are determined to work with your physician please take the time to inform and educate them so you are both on the same page and understand that withdrawal symptoms are NOT symptoms of genetic “illness” or “discontinuation syndrome but rather that you are experiencing iatrognenic (doctor induced) illness.

Most doctors are totally unaware of the severe impact of these drugs or just how long withdrawal process can take. But by being prepared and informed before you embark on this process you will be empowered and enabled to positively impact your outcome.

We do heal. We do recover. Some faster than others. Here is another story by someone who found health, hope and healing after benzo’s: Matt Samut – Climbing out of Benzo Madness. 

For more information on safely setting up a planned and proactive withdrawal process please see the premier website for up to date information on psych drugs and alternative options to creating mental and physical health, Beyond Meds. (click here to go to the page regarding benzo withdrawal)

Todays Video: Gwen Olsen on Benzo Withdrawal

Benzodiazapene Withdrawal: Video by Gwen Olsen (ex pharmaceutical sales rep) on youtube.