Healing from long term use of psychotropic drugs

Healing from years and often decades of psychotropic drug use can be challenging. Although it is not impossible. Personally – I still have residual issues caused by the drugs yet I know that if I succumb to the idea that I “can’t” do things – I won’t do what I need to do to heal.

Today a share from the blog Mad In America on the subject of putting one foot in front of the other…

An excerpt:

I still recall how hard I had to fight to reclaim the ability to carry out life’s baseline quotidian tasks as I strove for health and balance after years on meds, especially benzodiazepine tranquilizers. Shopping at the supermarket, comfortably carrying on a conversation, sitting in my car in traffic, remaining on the telephone without feeling anxious or trapped, picking out Christmas presents in shops, dining out at restaurants, going to the climbing gym, and so on—simple, necessary life, the things that I’d always done without a second thought.

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