Onions Make Me Cry – Emotional Healing as a Process

When I first sought “help” from the “mental health professionals” I was actually naive enough to think that I would be given helpful help to work through my anger at being abused by those in my life I called “family”.

Instead – I was told that the stress created by leaving my abusive husband was what “triggered” what I was being told was a “mental illness” and…that I would need the drugs I was prescribed “for life”.

What happened after that fateful day in 1992 when I sought help? Well, you can read more about that here in the essay A Bit of a Rant, Part of My Story and How I Became Suicidal and the outcome of that fateful day when in 2007 I was forced off all the drugs here in a piece at the blog Beyond Meds. 

Todays piece tells more about the “how” behind making peace with these experiences using the same strategies I had used to heal the emotional wounds caused by the abuse and neglect I’d experienced as a child in my family…

Todays article – you can read it here: Onions Make Me Cry – Healing from Psychiatric Abuse « KIPCentral.

It is never, ever too late to learn how to create and live our own best life.

The secret? If there was one?

Was to stop giving my todays to those who took  my yesterdays by living in resentment.

Learning to heal myself and my life through emotional healing was the beginning of my “best life”.

Best always,


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